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    "I just wanted to let you know that I totally love my new uniforms. Even my husband thinks that they are really stylish. I will be spreading the word about your great designs!!!"

    ~ Gorete, Surrey BC

    "Just wanted to say thank you! We received those 2 mandarin lab coats and gave one to a senior pharmacist at work before she headed off on her holiday! It was a complete surprise and she loved it!

    Now we all have our "sexy" lab coats and are so in love with them!"

    ~ Amanda, Alberta
    "The material, it's really nice how it allows you to move and it has some give to it. As well as the shape, it's flattering to people with a figure, it's not your same square top and big pants that don't compliment your shape. And that's why most of the girls in my office are ordering them."

    ~ Andie, Calgary AB

    "I used to hate wearing regular scrubs because I felt like I was wearing pajamas, but with nu apparel, I feel comfortable and stylish"

    ~ Jes, Ontario
    "I can't say enough how comfortable the clothes are. The main thing would be the compliments I received when I wear them. I feel very stylish. I do not think twice about going shopping with my uniform on after work, people do not even think it is work wear!"

    ~ Coleen, Duncan BC

    "I am so happy with my Nu Apparel uniforms. After 27 years of looking for alternatives for scrubs, I can finally project a professional, tailored image that is comfortable to wear. I have received more uniform compliments in the last 3 weeks than in the preceding 27 years!"

    ~ Wendy

    "I love my new uniforms. They are so comfortable and very professional looking. I get so many compliments on how stylish they are.
    The spandex in the outfits make them extremely easy to move around in, and they don't loose their shape by the end of the day.
    Even my husband likes the nu look!"

    ~ Melissa Cochrane, ON